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Gallery Episode is proud to showcase local artists located in the heart of Leonia, New Jersey. Shows are held regularly throughout the year and are open to the public. We welcome emerging and established artists to deliver thought-provoking solo and group shows, and community-building events that underscore social impact. As a partner to the local artistic community, we are committed to producing thoughtfully curated exhibitions that showcase original conceptual art and share compelling messages and unique perspectives. Our aim is to make art accessible to the general public, as well as collectors and institutions locally and nationally. 

Current Exhibition:

Group Exhibition: Summer Serenade: The Art of Warmth

July 13 – July 31

Featured artists: Patricia Quirk, Brianne Valentino, Bill Wurtzel, In Young Park, Susanna Bergtold, Vincent Priblo
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Upcoming Exhibition:

Our current exhibition will be listed here.

Previous Exhibition:

Solo Exhibition: Sublime Moments: Our Lives

May 6 – May 13

Featured artist: Daihan Jeong

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