Gallery Episode is pleased to present “Summer Serenade: The Art of Warmth,” a group exhibition that celebrates the vibrant summer season. This exhibition will feature a selection of artworks that capture the essence of summer through a dynamic range of colors, textures, and themes. From the bright hues of blooming flowers to the shimmering heat of a midsummer day, each piece in this exhibition offers a unique interpretation of summer’s spirit. It is a vivid exploration of the season’s vitality, warmth, and radiant beauty.


This group exhibition features the following six artists: Patricia Quirk, Brianne Valentino, Bill Wurtzel, INYoung Park, Susanna Bergtold, and Vincent Priblo. Patricia Quirk’s work is characterized by a bold abstraction of landscapes and seascapes, capturing the essence and emotion of her subjects through vibrant colors and fluid forms. Brianne Valentino’s paintings are a reflection of her fascination with color and texture. By building upon layers in her paintings, she aims to create a three-dimensional experience that invites the viewer to explore the painting from different angles. Inspired by the food in his kitchen, Bill Wurtzel creates whimsical and imaginative food art. His mushroom series are also featured in his book FUNGI, Mushroom Art Like Nothing On Earth. Using Korean “hanji” and mother of pearl, INYoung Park explores themes of tradition and modernity while also looking at Eastern and Western influences. By blending these influences, she hopes to spark dialogue about cultural diversity through her work. Susanna Bergtold’s work showcases different animals in her wide display of artistic media. Vibrancy and energy are no strangers to Vincent Priblo’s work heavily inspired by Abstract Expressionism. As the late artist wrote, “I use art as a way to express my inner joy and love of life – as well as its ambiguities and mysteries.”


“Summer Serenade: The Art of Warmth”  will open on July 13, with an opening on Saturday, July 13th from 4 to 6pm. The exhibition will be on view from July 13 to July 31.

Online gallery will be available once exhibition is live!