Gallery Episode is pleased to present nine artists in our gallery space located in the heart of Leonia, New Jersey. What Nature Tells Us showcases artists from the New York/New Jersey area as an exciting grand opening to a new wave of art in the neighborhood. At Gallery Episode, we are honored to provide artists a space to be their own storytellers.

The exhibition brings together local artists from various backgrounds, each highly skilled in their varying art mediums. This group of artists includes Elizabeth DeMarco, In Son, Marsha Heller, Michael Scowden, Pamela Fenwick, Paul Leibow, Sarah Shinhyo Kim, Sung Eun Kim, and Seungmee Yoo. While nature is the main visual theme of the show, it also serves as a vehicle for these artists to share their stories with the audience. Nature is the muse that comes alive through these works.

The exhibition will be on view from October 21 to November 9, with the opening reception on October 21 from 4 to 6pm. We welcome you to join us to experience amazing works and celebrate new beginnings.


Full checklist and artist information can be found here.

Please contact the gallery for any inquiries.

Elizabeth DeMarco, "Quiet Pond"
Marsha Heller, "Paine's Creek Sunset"
Pamela Fenwick, "Reflections of Home"
Paul Leibow, "Red/Black-dimpled FeelLicks"
Sung Eun Kim, "Shalom 4"
Elizabeth DeMarco, "Red Fish"
Marsha Heller, "Abstract Garden 2"
Pamela Fenwick, "Salute to Spring"
Sarah Shinhyo Kim, "Tree"
Seung Mee Yoo, "Serenity of Autumn"
In Son, "Harvest"
Michael Scowden, "Isabella"
Pamela Fenwick, "Climate Woes"
Sarah Shinhyo Kim, "Peace (Dove)"
Seung Mee Yoo, "Wild Berry"
In Son, "Blue Heron"
Michael Scowden, "Crooked Lake"
Paul Leibow, "FeelLicks Black"
Sung Eun Kim, "Shalom 2"
Seung Mee Yoo, "Magnolia"
Marsha Heller, "Abstract Garden 2"
Michael Scowden, "The Valley of the Kings"
Paul Leibow, "Spirit"
Seung Eun Kim, "Shalom 3"