Inspired by Ray Oldenburg’s book, The Great Good Place, the group exhibition titled “Leonia: A Great Good Place” is a rethinking of the gallery as a third place for the local community. In his writing, Oldenburg suggests that for a healthy lifestyle, people must live in a balance of three realms: the first place (the home), the second place (the workplace), and the third place (inclusively sociable places). The third places provide the feeling of inclusiveness and belonging without any barriers for entry – these places are the anchors of community life. Lost during the pandemic, the need for a third place, or a “great good place” as Oldenburg calls it, has become ever-prevalent in people’s lives. Leonia – and its surrounding communities – is an excellent example of a town that prioritizes the engagement of its local community.


Gallery Episode is pleased to present this show of local artists as a show about celebrating community and the importance of human relationships that promote creativity. Jill Hellman is a mixed-media artist who creates depth in her work through layers of paint and collage while contemplating the strength and resilience of the human spirit. Using animated and vintage characters as one of his main source materials, Paul Leibow creates three-dimensional sculpture wall paintings in the form of repurposed turntables as well as works featuring his invented character FeelLicks. Heemin Moon’s sculptures are his own reconstructions of dogs as he rediscovers and reinterprets their shape. In combination with fluorescent colors, Mo Riza develops his own language of symbols and imagery through his work. Tony Seker’s anti-war sentiments from his childhood during the Lebanese Civil War manifests in his action painting style and bold color palettes. Miriam Stern’s work balances between abstraction and reality to create imagery that viewers may recognize but cannot quite put into words. Allen Terrell utilizes form and shape to uncover and pacify his own sense of loss. Elizabeth Rundquist finds joy in reaching the place where her art speaks through gestural mark making.


Working with the local artistic community and beyond, the gallery is proud to provide a third place for the people of Leonia, New Jersey. The exhibition will be on view from January 6 to January 16, with the opening reception on January 6 from 4 to 6pm. Gallery Episode is also having a special grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony on January 6 at 4pm with the new mayor of Leonia, Bill Ziegler. We welcome everyone to come celebrate the new year with us.


Full gallery checklist can be found here. Please contact the gallery for any inquiries.

Jill Hellman, "Hot Spot"
Jill Hellman, "Cliff Dwellings"
Jill Hellman, "Morning Mist"
Jill Hellman, "On Balance"
Paul Leibow, "Anpanman vs FeelLicks"
Paul Leibow, "Anpanman (Untitled FL)"
Paul Leibow, "Naked Brunch (Untitled FeelLicks)"
Heemin Moon, "Bulldog I" 🔴
Heemin Moon, "Bulldog II" 🔴
Heemin Moon, "Bulldog III"
Heemin Moon, "Bulldog IV"
Mo Riza, "Portrait of the so-called fake news reporter who tells nothing but the truth"
Mo Riza, "Portrait of a Whistleblower who teleported into a fake chicken nuggets factory to get a molecular scoop"
Mo Riza, "Portrait of a lady who smokes pipe to extinguish rumors"
Miriam Stern, "Pekelakh I"
Miriam Stern, "Pekelakh II"
Miriam Stern, "Pekelakh III"
Miriam Stern, "Pekelakh IV"
Tony Seker, "Belonging"
Tony Seker, "Inclusive"
Elizabeth Rundquist, "Series 2, Number 4"
Allen Terrell, "Heat of Winter"
Allen Terrell, "Poor Comparison"
Allen Terrell, "Short Flights"