Pulling inspiration from the Ancient Greek word meaning “I have found it,” Eureka! is a show about the tenacity of the human spirit and the passion for seeking truth. In this chaotic and complicated world, we are always searching and discovering our own truths about human nature. We search and find inspiration in some higher being, in the universe we live in, in our relationships with the people around us, or in ourselves – it is what makes us human. This show is a celebration of discoveries of personal truths despite the complexities of human life.


Eureka! is a group exhibition featuring artists Katharina Castiblanco Grammer, Jill Hellman, Joan Knauer, Insook Park, Elizabeth Rundquist, and Rachele Unter – all of whom are in the pursuit of finding their personal truths through their artmaking. Katharina Castiblanco Grammer plays with the tugging between representational observation and the desire to change and abstract in art. Jill Hellman utilizes layers – covering and revealing certain parts of her work – as a metaphor for the human experience. Joan Knauer finds painting as a personal process of growth. Insook Park’s work combines resonances of color, movement, sound, and light to create a unique experience for her viewers. Elizabeth Rundquist finds joy in reaching the place where her art speaks through gestural mark making. Rachele Unter invites viewers to explore her visual language of colors and linework to find their own stories. 


The artworks are an insight into both the artists’ own retrospection and introspection to find the thread that connects the narrative of our lives. The exhibition will be on view from November 18 to December 9, with the opening reception on November 18 from 4 to 6pm. As Gallery Episode’s grand opening exhibition, we invite viewers to find inspiration in the showcased art and look within themselves to see what makes them human.


Full checklist and artist information can be found here. Please contact the gallery for any inquiries.

Katharina Castiblanco Grammer, "Calligraphy II"
Jill Hellman, "All is Connected"
Joan Knauer, "Glass Half Full" 🔴
Elizabeth Rundquist, "In The Middle of It All, There Is Beauty"
Rachele Unter, "Hang Ups"
Katharina Castiblanco Grammer, "Lotus - Pod - Leaf"
Jill Hellman, "Meadow View III"
Insook Park, "Continuous Conversation"
Elizabeth Rundquist, "Split Infinity"
Rachele Unter, "Masquerade"
Jill Hellman, "Secret Garden"
Joan Knauer, "Clouds and Strings"
Insook Park, "Untitled"
Rachele Unter, "Birth"
Jill Hellman, "State of Mind"
Joan Knauer, "Double Bubble" 🔴
Elizabeth Rundquist, "Haiku to Red"
Rachele Unter, "Family Reunion"